Early Carboniferous biostratigraphy of the Barents Sea

Early Carboniferous biostratigraphy of the Barents Sea

Project leader is Gunn Mangerud, Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen.
Project team: doctor Gilda Lopes, Professor Geoff Clayton, Trinity College Dublin, Dr. Atle Mørk Sintef/Adjunct professor NTNU, two master students to be included from 2015. All pay rols are through University funding.

Duration: June 2014 - June 2017 (3 years)

Dating and reliable correlation tools are essential in every aspect of geological mapping and paleogeographic reconstructions. This project is aimed at dating and correlating the clastic Mississippian (Early Carboniferous) Billefjorden Group using palynology, which has proven to be the only applicable paleontological technique in this part of the succession.

The clastic-dominated Mississippian succession in the Barents Sea area contains palynological assemblages suitable for dating and correlation as well as serving as proxies for paleoclimatic and paleogeographic interpretations. Very few palynological papers have been published from this area, and more work is needed in order to fully understand the stratigraphic ranges and quantitative distribution of all taxa present in this region. Construction of a comprehensive palynological zonation is essential.

The main focus of the study will be on a thorough and solid study, documentation and understanding of all palynomorph taxa occurring in this succession and correlation to the well-established Western European miospore zonation (Clayton et al. 1977). This zonation will be adapted so as to produce a local scheme for the Barents Sea area.


  • Chairman: Gunn Mangerud, Universitetet i Bergen
  • Vice chairman: Not set
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