Technical committee


The operating part of FORCE include Technical Committees, each consisting of eight members from the member companies as elected by the general assembly.

The Technical Committees shall have authority to decide the following matters:

  • Establish/teminate network groups, and monitor activities in these groups
  • Evaluate ideas/project proposals from network groups, eventually mature ideas in pre-projects
  • Select projects and facilitate project initiation 

The committee shall recommend to be sanctioned in the Management Committee:

  • TC mandate
  • Research area ranking
  • Proposal  for new project groups
  • Mandate, goals, scope and yearly plans for project groups
  • Progress report and year end reports from the network and project groups



  • Chairman: Roar Morten Kjelstadli, Aker BP
  • Vice chairman: Not set
NPD Eli Jens Høgnesen Log in to see address
Petoro AS Erik Søndenå Log in to see address
DEA Norge AS Johanna Normann Ravnås Log in to see address
Aker BP Roar Morten Kjelstadli Log in to see address
ConocoPhillips Norge Robert Moe Log in to see address
Equinor ASA Svein Tollefsen Log in to see address

Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil