RING project


RING (Realfag – Inspirasjon – Næringslivet – Glede) will contribute to point out the connection between competence goals in different scientific subjects, and the activities of the industry. The goal is to visualize future university/college education and career choice.

Kunnskapsdager 2017 will take place at Vitenfabrikken, Storgata 28, 4306 Sandnes 26.-28.01.
Program can be downloaded here. Activity-stations can be downloaded shortly.



For high school students, the RING project will take basis in the curricula of natural science. To experience the subject’s practical aspects and utility value, will hopefully stimulate, motivate and rise interest in the scientific studies.


”RING kunnskapsdagene” was in January 2011 arranged as a pilot-project together with 5 high schools in Rogaland (Stavanger katedralskole, St. Olav vgs., Hetland vgs., Randaberg vgs., Sola vgs.) with nearly 900 students attending.

Pictures from RING Kunnskapsdager January 2015



FORCE in cooperation with Rogaland fylkeskommune will organize a work shop, “RING kunnskapsdag”, where the students can participate in practical activities related to natural science and also witness technical demonstrations. This will hopefully contribute to the students receiving information about what study opportunities the scientific studies can give them. “RING kunnskapsdag” shall contribute to increased understanding about general business conditions’ demands for knowledge and competence, and to create a foundation for reflection and future career decisions.

The initiative origins at FORCE and involves representatives from oil related industry, Rogaland fylkeskommune, Stavanger commune, OLF, Teknologiforum Rogaland, Universitetet i Stavanger and Vitensenteret.

The project group can expand if needed. If you and/or your organisation is interested in this annual project, please contat Kjell Sigve Lervik (Statoil) for more information.

Over time, the RING-project will expand to also include practical activities to all schools (junior high schools, high schools and the transition to higher school levels)The purpose is to provide goal-oriented information to scientific related studies, and suggest different opportunities within these subjects and also provide information about different career choices. 


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Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil