30 years of 4D seismic on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Welcome to a new FORCE seminar in the Valhall auditorium arranged by the Integrated reservoir modelling group.

Review of success, challenges and way forward for integrated reservoir modelling.

  • Date 28.11.2018
  • Time 08:30
  • Duration 2 days
  • Participants 68
  • Register by 23.11.2018
30 years of 4D seismic on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

In the last 4 decades, major technological improvements have led to a giant leap in our approach of reservoir modelling, in particular thanks to a more generalized used of 4D seismic in integrated reservoir characterization. This workshop will be an opportunity to attend case studies and short tutorials, offering a holistic approach of 4D. At the dawn of digital era, let’s gather to learn back from our experiences and share our vision for the future of 4D seismic! 

AkerBP, ConocoPhillips, Equinor and several others have already confirmed contributions but there are still openings. Please submit your contribution; title and a short abstract as soon as possible but no later than September 16th to one of the committee member listed at the bottom.

The seminar includes invited talk/tutorials. Martin Landrø, NTNU, will present on "The past, present & future of 4D seismic applications" and Colin Macbeth, ETLP/HW, will dive into various 4D technical topics, from time-shifts to automated history-matching.

We plan to include discussion/breakout sessions to address various   issues on the use of 4D seismic. If you have specific question on this technology, observations, experiences, learnings or material you could share in these sessions, please contact one of the committee members.  This may be an opportunity for getting "free" advices assistance from the wider 4D community.

Contingent on interest and applicability there may be opportunities for technology or service vendor to present dedicated tools/products during the breakout sessions and break. Please notify the committee about such requests, by September 16th.

The first day will be closed out by an informal reception/dinner at NPD.

FORCE seminars have previously been fully booked with waiting lists so you are encouraged to sign up as soon as you know you will attend.

Participant fees
FORCE member
NOK 1500,-
NOK 3000,-
NOK 500,-
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Important information:

You can register as a FORCE member and pay "FORCE member" price if you are an employee of a member company.
All FORCE members are listed here.

Payment is made online by credit card. Please note that no refunds will be given after you have signed up. If you for any reason can not attend the seminar, you are welcome to send a representative, just inform ellen.marie.skartveit@npd.no as soon as there are changes.

If you will contribute with a presentation, nominate other to give a presentation, have suggestions for topic&issues to be addressed or other comments that may be relevant to make this the "force" event of the year! - please contact:

Organizing Commitee:
Olav Barkved; Olav.Barkved@petoro.no
Cedric Fayemendy ; CEDF@statoil.com
Nirina Haller; nirina.haller@akerbp.com
Sirikarn Narongsirkul, Sirikarn.Narongsirikul@conocophillips.com
Ellen M. Skartveit NPD

Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil