Structural impact on Fault Seal Integrity

  • Date 22.11.2011
  • Time 09:00
  • Duration 1 day
  • Participants 67
  • Register by 18.11.2011
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The Force Structural Committee is proud to announce a conference which will be held at the Måltidets Hus in Stavanger the 22nd of November 2011.

Now that the NCS is in a mature phase, it is necessary to put more focus on the structural evaluation of hydrocarbon traps. Considering that most 4-way dip closures have been tested, one can not hide from the fact that in prospect identification, key uncertainties are dependent on faults. Geoscientists have to gather much more detailed fault information than what was necessary when large and more robust traps were drilled just some 25 years ago.

A deep understanding of the structural impact on fault seal integrity has become a vital issue for successful exploration and development efforts. Detailed analyses of fault throw, fault juxtaposition, fault zone characteristics, the timing of the different fault generations as well as Shale Gouge Ratio, Clay Smear Potential, is needed.

At this conference, the Force Structural Committee would like to address these issues, inviting key experts from the industry and universities, to give talks focused on the challenges we are faced with. Furthermore, we are also inviting leading software developers to give geoscientists insight into how these challenges can be solved using the latest tools.

The seminar includes lunch.

There is a seminar fee of kr.1000,-

Agenda and abstracts for the seminar here

Icebreaker and dinner at Hall Toll

Organizing commitee: 
Trond Halvorsen Wierod (E.ON Ruhrgas Norge),
Enric Leon (Concedo),
Harald Greve Aubert (Spring Energy),
Nicolas Nosjean (GDF Suez)

Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil