Structural Geologist Networking Event and GPlates Presentation


  • Date 15.03.2012
  • Time 15:00
  • Duration 1 day
  • Participants 42
  • Register by 13.03.2012
Structural Geologist Networking Event and GPlates Presentation_main_img

Please be invited to a networking event for structural geologists and others interested in structural geology.

The day will start in the afternoon at 15.00 at Hall Toll in Stavanger Sentrum where Trond Torsvik and Carmen Gaina will present the plate tectonic desktop software GPlates. After the presentations, there will be a short mingling occasion followed by a networking dinner for structural geologists and others interested in the same topic.

It is our hope that strong relations and information sharing across companies will develop out of this Networking Event, for the common benefit of all. The Networking Event for Structural Geologists and other interested parties is supported by the following companies:

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Organizing committee:
Alastair Welbon         (BG)
Sidsel Kruse Lindsø   (Noreco)
Nadine Friese             (Wintershall)

This is a sponsored meeting and no seminar fee will be charged.
Maximum number of particapants: 75

Agenda for the day:

14.30  Registration 
15.00-15.20 GPlates history and aims (Torsvik)
15.20-15.50 GPlates fundamentals (Gaina) 

GPlates at work, example I (Gaina):
North Atlantic and Arctic:
Tracing the plate Boundaries through time 


GPlates at work, example II (Torsvik): 
Late Palaeozoic Mesozoic evolution of the North Atlantic
and teh Barents Sea. 

16.40-17.00 The future prospects (Torsvik, Gaina)
17.00 Discussion, demos and drinks 
18.00 Dinner at Hall Toll

The motions of tectonic plates through geological time may be described and simulated using geometrical rules for rigid bodies on a sphere. Plate tectonic reconstructions are the calculations of the probable positions, orientations and motions of tectonic plates through time, based upon the relative positions of plates at various times in the past which may be inferred from other data. Geological, geophysical and palaeogeographic data may be attached to the inferred plate tectonic reconstruction, enabling a researcher to trace the motions and interactions of these data through time.

GPlates is a desktop software for the interactive visualization and modeling of plate tectonics that offers a novel combination of interactive plate tectonic reconstructions, geographic information system (GIS) functionality and raster data visualization through geological time. This software runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS X operating systems.

GPlates was born out of a co-operation between Sydney University (Australia), CalTech (USA) and the Norwegian Geological Survey (later University of Oslo). This software is unique and a well-established foundation for an open-source Virtual Geological Laboratory. It has a significant international uptake (~15000 downloads) and provides a unique capability for reconstructing a variety of geo-data in a plate tectonic framework, making use of a temporally-aware information model, combined with flexible data importing, processing, visualisation and interaction





Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil