Salt tectonics seminar

November 13th 2014

Valhall - NPD offices

  • Date 13.11.2014
  • Time 09:00
  • Duration 1 day
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Salt techtonics seminar

Many of us have come across the challenge of salt - either because it created the traps we need, interacts with the reservoir that we are chasing after, or just makes the seismic interpretation a challenging task. 


 Espirito Santo Basin, Brazil. Salt structures include extensional salt rollers in the west,
turtle structures and squeezed diapirs in the center, and shallow allochthonous tongues
and canopies in the east. Seismic data courtesy of CGGVeritas and Carl Fiduk.
Taken from GeoExpro website:


  Deformation of rocks above a salt diapir. Moab, Utah. Picture taken by Sidsel Lindsø  

 It is the impression of several members of the Structural Geology Group, that there is often a knowledge gap regarding salt tectonics and their implications for deformation of overlying sediments and especially fault behavior, when detaching on e.g. Zechstein Group evaporites.

 In order to raise the competence level in the E&P business, and especially as preparation for the 23rd Round, where mobile salt seems to be present underneath most of the major structures in question, we found it relevant to invite some of the world’s best teachers within the topic to come and conduct proper teaching within salt tectonics:

 Dr Mark G Rowan (Rowan Consulting, Boulder, USA): Mark will give us a general introduction to the topic of salt tectonics: including, amongst others, basic mechanics of salt movement and its triggers, and salt re-activation in extension and contraction based on global and local examples

Dr Christopher A.L. Jackson (Imperial College, London, Basins Research Group & Statoil Reader in Basin Analysis): Christopher will teach us about regional salt tectonics covering the Norwegian continental shelf development with regards to salt depositions/ basin development and what the impact of salt is on later deformation, trap formation, and structural geology of the NCS & he will also present a case study about salt tectonics in the North Sea.

 Wintershall, GeoLink and ENI are so kind to present case studies on salt tectonics after lunch. A session focusing on technical advances will complete the workshop day.


 Salt pillows and diapirs in the southern North Sea. Image courtesy of Anette Tvedt. Taken from webpage:

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Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil