Structural development of the South-Western Barents Sea

Welcome to the 2nd “Lunch & Learn” session about the Structural development of the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

  • Date 21.01.2016
  • Time 11:30
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Participants 53
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Structural development of the South-Western Barents Sea

The session is held by Kjetil Indrevær, working as a Postdoctoral Researcher through the research center ARCEx at the University of Oslo:

The structural architecture of the SW Barents Sea Margin - insights from an onshore -offshore correlation study

The SW Barents Sea Margin owes its existence to an intriguing interplay between a passive rift margin in the south and a passive transform margin to the northwest. This makes the region a very (if not extremely) interesting place to learn more about plate tectonics and how continents break apart.

This talk summarizes the results from a recent study showing that important structures onshore Troms link up with prominent structures offshore, such as the Troms-Finnmark and Ringvassøy-Loppa fault complexes.

The study utilized a range of different techniques/datasets, including seismic data, magnetic anomaly data, high-resolution bathymetry data, onshore fieldwork and analysis of onshore fault rocks.

Knowing that structures correlate across the margin, what may onshore faults tell us about offshore faults, offshore basement permeability and the evolution of the margin?


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Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil