Predictive Stratigraphy

Valhall auditorium, NPD Stavanger.

A two day seminar for biostratigraphy presentations focussed within the NCS. Any age can be covered and you are invited to present material from research, fieldwork or commercial projects.

The theme of ‘Predictive Stratigraphy’ is broad, but we would particularly like to see presentations and posters showing how biostratigraphy continues to develop to meet new challenges and opportunities through integration with other disciplines, new data procedures and as a result of inspired work by creative palaeontologists.

  • Date 27.09.2017
  • Time 08:30
  • Duration 2 days
  • Participants 46
  • Register by 24.09.2017
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Predictive Stratigraphy

Increase knowledge and share experiences within palaeontology that might be relevant to NCS work.

Create the opportunity for students, researchers, contractors and oil company staff to meet and discuss.

Build and maintain a network and forum for sharing new ideas, techniques and palaeontological insights.

15mins + time for questions
Posters – Demonstrations – Exhibits - Promotions  

Please send presentation suggestions and brief abstracts to:  or


Contribution offers by: 4th August
Abstract deadline: 25th August

Organising committee: 
Ingar Trondsen:             Lundin
Robert Williams:            NPD
Patricia Embry:             Statoil
Alex Cullum:                 Statoil


There will be a Dinner at Hall toll on the evening of Wednesday 27th


2 days seminar/workshop + dinner:

Member: NOK 1500

Non member: NOK 3000

University/student: NOK 500

Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil