Research project proposal-BASE

Welcome to a FORCE meeting about a project proposal "Basement fracturing and weathering on-and offshore Norway"

Location, Tor auditorium, NPD

Agenda for download here

  • Date 31.03.2017
  • Time 09:00
  • Duration 1 day
  • Participants 20
  • Register by 28.03.2017
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Research project proposal-BASE

The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) proposes to launch and co-ordinates a new research programme for the development, refinement and implementation of innovative analytical and conceptual tools with the potential to enhance hydrocarbon exploration success rates in fractured and weathered basement plays offshore Norway and the Barents Sea.
The goals of the Project are to:
- Develop, refine and apply innovative conceptual and exploration tools for offshore hydrocarbon prospection in basement highs and nearby basins.
- Refine the current understanding of offshore basement plays through detailed analysis of onshore analogues.
- Establish a spatial and temporal model for multiple episodes of deep weathering and peneplanation during landscape evolution and to explore the complex relationships tectonic events, brittle deformation and exogenic processes in Scandinavia and possibly elsewhere

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Organizing committee
Jochen Knies, NGU
Marco Brønner, NGU
Ola Fredin, NGU
Giulio Viola, University of Bologna

Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil