L&L project proposal: Submarine debris flow

Welcome to a lunch&learn arranged by the SedStrat network.
The location is NPD Tor auditorium.

  • Date 02.10.2018
  • Time 11:00
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Participants 8
  • Register by 28.09.2018
L&L project proposal: Submarine debris flow

The main objective of the Submarine Debris Flow study is to implement the concept of debris flow in the MassFlow3D TM code as an extension to the turbidity currents - transport, erosion and deposition mechanisms, currently in use.

A pre-project is in progress and will be completed in September 2018.

It is addressing the following:

  • Review models for rheology for debris flow (Non-Newtonian models) and test these in the current version of MassFlow3D™
  • Define the work to adapt these models to the Flow3D core code and the MassFlow3D™ pre-processor.
  • Identify sources of data to evaluate the simulation code based on existing field data, laboratory studies and geological conceptual models.


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Planning committee:
Bjørn Kåre Bryn, Spirit Energy
Harald Celius, GeoGravity Flow AS
Ernst Hansen, GeoGravity Flow AS
Tone Helene Mydland, NPD

Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil