Are you planning a field trip?

 Guidelines on how to plan, start and carry out FORCE field trips.

1. Gather members to make up the organizing committee

The organizing committee (OC) is responsible for meetings, planning and carrying out the field trip. This initiative most often starts in the network groups and it should consist of committed participants. A representative from the FORCE secretariat (NPD) might join the OC, but it is not a necessity. Either way, the FORCE secretariat will assist with practical tasks in connection with the field trip. These tasks may be:

  • Establish and maintain a trip-site at
  • Marketing the trip through our regular channels

2. Start planning meetings

The NPD offices are available for FORCE meetings; please contact Tone Mydland at or Ellen Marie Skartveit at  for conference room and lunch bookings.

There are several topics to discuss:

  • Date, time and destination of the field trip. This must be cleared with the technical committee in advance
  • Keep in mind other/similar events taking place in the same timeframe
  • The OC is responsible for inviting and maintaining a good dialogue with the guide(s) for the field trip
  • Topics and agenda
  • Practical information such as transport, safety instructions, accommodation, area description etc.
  • Responsibilities are divided among the OC members

3. Topics and presentations

FORCE is a non-profit, non-commercial organization. Please respect this when planning topics and inviting guides. Clarify in advance with presenters if they want to publish their presentations or reports from the trip at upon the return.

 4. Costs

There are no standard pricing for field trips.
The price is based on calculation of the costs of the trip, and agreed upon by the committee together with the secretariat. The committee must provide the Secretariat with a budget and make sure all costs are included before setting the price based on a non-profit policy. The participant fee should not differentiate between members/non-members/students.

It is very important that the invitation/registration on the seminar internet page clearly list which expenses are included in the participant fee and which are not.

Participating committee members are considered regular participants, and hence pays the full participant fee.

If the field trip is sold as a "package" (one group-price) the committee must calculate the minimum number of participants required to sign up in order to arrange the trip.

5. Marketing

Starting 01.01.2015, FORCE has a one-year subscription to an ad at The banner ad is financed over the general FORCE budget, and will be used to promote upcoming seminars and events (in date order). The FORCE secretariat will assist with marketing through available channels, such as: publishing the trip on, sending out newsletters to our subscribers, and making it visible at, and in the FORCE-space at

The secretariat can also help in placing ads in other publications, but then the cost is charged to the actual trip.

The OC has the overall responsibility for marketing, and needs to decide on who to inform, what to communicate, when, and by which channel. This must be carefully considered in order to target the right audience. It is recommended that the OC members use their own network to inform anyone they believe might be interested in the trip.

Important! Please allow the Secretariat approximately 3 days to publish the field trip on FORCE's homepage.

6. Debriefing

It is recommended that the organizing committee have a meeting after the field trip to review all aspects of the trp. It can be a good idea to send out a questionnaire to the participants. The secretariat would appreciate to be copied on any final report or notes.

Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil